2 comments on “100 Boy Toy Approaches: Approaches 39-49, Saturday, 19 July 2014

  1. Good work brah! There will always be days where you go into dry spells, but you have a goal, so that can’t stop you from it. Btw how are your looks and style? I was wondering and wanted to know, and see if I can help you.
    As for my website, Im planning on deleting it. Why? Im single now, and want to start approaching/getting money, so I can invest on the website, and show people that Im legit with approach videos and maybe porn(Haha) so they can feel safe trusting my advice.


    • Thanks as always, Ghost! I plan on taking another break from this site for a while while I focus on college. Will show you some pics of my style when/if I come back. Maybe you could upload your new approaches etc to your current blog? After all, you are a *Versatile* Player :P


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